The iPhone 8 wireless charging accessory will come later and will be sold separately -


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Saturday, 8 July 2017

The iPhone 8 wireless charging accessory will come later and will be sold separately

Ojito because curves come! We know that Apple is a prodigy in design and innovation, but something to derail when it comes to controlling logistics and timings, however rare is the new item that does not come later than expected and without problems of stock, we know that it is not easy task But what we tell you today, if true, is a real barbarity.

We had previously anticipated: the iPhone 8 will come with inductive and fast charging wireless, but the accessory required to charge remotely might not be included in the price of the iPhone 8 , so it would play to buy it apart after disbursing an amount Close to one thousand euros. Wrong, Apple.

But today we get the rumor of the hand of Apple blogger John Gruber who insists that this accessory load would be late . Double surprise and each one more disappointing than the previous one. We understand that the Touch ID or the augmented reality can generate problems when dealing with innovative technologies, but it is that the wireless load docks can be bought already in Amazon , come, that is a technology settled years ago.

In fact, Gruber predicts that the arrival of the accessory could coincide with the launch of iOS 11.1 , although it is true that given its cautious language, everything indicates that it does not seem to have them all with it.

We know that the three iPhone - iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 - that will see the light this September will have glass body to allow the inductive wireless load that will be produced in a similar way to that currently has the Apple Watch, We assume that Apple will apply the same "accessory not included" policy and that they will also suffer this delay.

If it is true, we are going to be a little silly face with all this. What do you think? Should the charging accessory be included?

Via | Macrumors

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