The iPhone 8 would not include the standard wireless charging cradle

At this point in the movie most rumors about the iPhone 8 claim that it will have the expected wireless charge , which would allow the device to charge the battery without having to connect it to the power grid using a Lightning cable.

Well, according to Ming-Chi Kuo reports, Apple will not include the wireless charging base as standard , so it would be sold as a fully independent accessory such as Apple Pencil.

The wireless charge will reach the iPhone 8 ... although it would have to go through the box to use it

Similarly, and of course, the wireless load would not be compatible with the fast charge , as this would have to make use of a USB-C 29W power adapter that of course would not be included as standard with the device .

This measure, although at first seems a little trick on the part of Apple, would have been taken not to raise the final price of the device , which according to most industry insiders, will exceed $ 1000, a figure that should not surprise anyone If we consider that the iPhone 7 Plus already surpasses it in some of its storage capacities.

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