The iPhone will use virtual reality and 3D laser for face recognition -


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Thursday, 13 July 2017

The iPhone will use virtual reality and 3D laser for face recognition

It's no secret that things are not going as well as expected in Cupertino with the iPhone 8 : problems with the software , doubts in design and delay make designing the smartphone of the year is becoming an odyssey.

The good thing is, but if Apple wants to get rid of the Touch ID at the expense of facial recognition , it has to be reliable and not like the Samsung Galaxy S8's fudge. Therefore, the facial recognition will integrate, in addition to a 3D sensor, virtual reality and laser technology .

The 3D laser system will allow better depth detection for apps with augmented reality and a more accurate autofocus on the iPhone 8, as it would have leaked a provider to the Fast Company website. The iPhone 8 will use the VCSEL (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) system in the rear camera, a technology that has acquired Lumentum and Finisar, which would have provided additional sensors.

What is VCSEL and what improvements will it bring to the iPhone 8 camera?

VCSEL will offer faster and more accurate depth measurements to use augmented reality, as well as a faster autofocus taking a picture. This system is composed of a laser source, lens, detector and a processor, so that they calculate the distance to which the laser light travels and return to the sensor, generating the measurement of flight time. The cost of this system is about $ 2 per terminal.

The VCSEL system for the rear camera will be integrated into the iPhone 8 quite likely , as long as the progress of Apple and its engineers is appropriate in implementing it. Surprising these speculations taking into account that we are two months from his theoretical presentation.

Also, it is no surprise that Apple is working on hardware for augmented reality , especially knowing the ARKit functionality of iOS 11. This new 3D camera technology integrated in the iPhone 8 has been known since autumn 2016 and we have already seen numerous leaks, Such as the dual vertical camera. But in addition, we know that the front camera will carry a 3D sensor for facial recognition.

Via | Macrumors

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