The journalist showed the first photo taken with the steve jobs iPhone -


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Saturday, 1 July 2017

The journalist showed the first photo taken with the steve jobs iPhone

The former editor of The New York Times David Gallagher in honor of the iPhone's 10-year anniversary told the story of how he secretly took advantage of Apple's first smartphone camera in a presentation. The first photograph, taken on the original iPhone - at least, off the company's campus has been published.

We now know almost everything about the iPhone 8, and before running the model the first generation Apple has been able to Keep virtually all information secret. Галлахеру you can visit cover of the presentation of the first iPhone and sneak check that the camera news.

In January 2007, shortly after the announcement of the iPhone, Steve Jobs has agreed to close the presentation of a device for the press. Some of the gadgets have been transferred to reporters at a long table for everyone, in turn, have become familiar with the smartphone.

"I took a picture of what was in front of me, just tested the camera and then quickly sent the photo via email," recalls the reporter. According to gallahera, he knew that photography is considered smuggling, taking into account Apple's obsession with leakage.

"Then I posted a photo on Flickr. I did not have the courage to sign or do something similar. As far as I know, no one has noticed. But everything went very well: I'm the first one posted on the net a photo on the iPhone outside the company, "says gallagher.

He later added to the signature picture: "Sent from my iPhone (actually Steve)".

Recall that the first generation iPhone was a camera. Its resolution was 2 megapixels (1600 x 1200 pixels).

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