The launch of the iPhone 8 will allow Apple to increase the capitalization of up to $ 1 trillion dollars -


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Saturday, 8 July 2017

The launch of the iPhone 8 will allow Apple to increase the capitalization of up to $ 1 trillion dollars

In the movie "forrest gump" there is a scene in which the protagonist talks about his friend, who has invested money in "some kind of фруктовую company" and assured himself to lead a comfortable life. The story describes the events of the 1980s of the last century. Today Apple is the most expensive in the world by the corporation in May, the market value of the iPhone maker for the first time exceeded $ 800 million Wall Street analyst brian white insurance That in the near future, Apple's stock market capitalization will exceed the $ 1 trillion mark.

Shares of Apple are now extremely undervalued "and it is not worth paying attention to the reduction of the valuation value of the corporation, which in recent months was in the order of 9%, says white. According to him, the majority of shareholders and investors expect the announcement of the next generation iPhone.

At the end of last century, on top of IT-the world has been Microsoft. Its market value peaked in December 1999, and was $ 619 million, It may seem that Apple has already beaten Microsoft's record, but do not forget about inflation. $ 619 million in 1999, would now have cost about $ 900 billion, a little later, the capitalization of Microsoft fell to $ 200 billion, but now the company more or less recovered, and for the time being, its cost is $ 532 million

According to an expert's projection, after the departure of the iPhone 8 the price of Apple shares during the year is expected to grow to $ 202 with the current $ 144. As a result of the total capitalization of the giant "apple" will exceed $ 1 trillion dollars.

Previously similar forecast became analyst of amit Дарьянини of RBC Capital. In his view, over the next and a half years of Apple shares will be strong up to $ 192-195. Дарьянини also linked the product and its prognosis with the coming of the iPhone 8.

About the fact that Apple's market value can grow to more than $ 1 trillion dollars, it was said and in the analytical projection of the company Morgan Stanley. The main growth engine analysts called their own company vehicle.

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