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Saturday, 1 July 2017

The life and death of jailbreak iPhone

Edition of the Motherboard in honor of the 10 years of the first iPhone published an article on the history of jailbreak. "Jailbreak" - not supported Apple operation, in which users deactivate the security mechanism of mobile devices.

The first in the world, step by step джейлбрейку was published in open access in 2007, and began to use the millions of users in order to free themselves from the restrictions imposed by the.

The Owners of iPhone and iPad with джейлбрейком have been given the opportunity to install new unique applications that are not available in the Apple store. Developers of official iOS apps have to follow strict rules of the App Store, so they can not take the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The jailbreak opened this space for the modification of the devices. He allowed to remove all restrictions of the operating system, radically change the interface of iOS. An almost unlimited experience and that each user can choose the design to their liking. Consequently, in a very short time, the jailbreak became the "cultural and economic phenomenon."

The developer of jay freeman literally brought together all hackers and developers when he created Cydia - the equivalent of the App Store for informal apps. After Cydia has made millions of dollars, she invited users to use the iPhone and iPad as a pool to the computer.

However, now everything has changed, in the jailbreak community almost nobody was left. Many of its members joined private security companies or Apple itself. It is necessary, in less and less джейлбрейке, since the company has adopted the best ideas jailbreak-developers and implemented in iOS.

"It turns deadly spiral: fewer and fewer people are interested in the джейлбрейком and as a result of everything but the developers create interesting products, and users there is no reason to do the jailbreak, write the motherboard. - That is, fewer people who do the jailbreak, and as a result, all but the developers are interested in them. Then slow death occurs. "

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