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Saturday, 22 July 2017

The new iPhone 8 could cost more than a MacBook Pro

Apple devices are luxury pieces. Yes, they are excellent gadgets, but each one has its own personality and an exquisite design. Of course, this exclusivity will not leave us free, and that is why the products of Cupertino usually have a price a little higher than that of its competitors .

However, we are already saying once that Apple could be exceeding with the price of its iPhone 8, come to cost even more than some models of MacBooks . Here we tell you more.

You could buy a MacBook Pro with this amount

Even the current Apple iPhones already seem to augur an interesting price increase. The iPhone 7 Plus with 256 GB of storage can be found by the negligible amount of $ 969 . Now, imagine that the iPhone 8 comes with all the new features that have appeared in the latest rumors.

For this reason, it is not crazy to think that the iPhone 8 can exceed 1000 dollars. Also, keep in mind that Apple wants to include in its new star device the famous OLED screens, which would increase the price substantially due to the few companies prepared to meet the needs of Apple.

Not a crazy idea ...

A slight increase in the RAM of the device, added to the new cameras of RA that would be included in it could lead us to a recipe for "disaster" - the one in our pocket, not Apple.

On the other hand, if Apple decides to make the 256 GB base storage of the iPhone 8 - which previously would have been 16 GB -, the initial price of this device could be as much as $ 1200 . Not bad for those of Cupertino.

Of course, the question here is, would users buy such an incredibly expensive device? We are not sure of the answer.

Would you buy the iPhone 8 if it had a price of 1200 euros? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | ZDNet

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