The new USB 3.2 promises more speed than ever, Will integrate iPhone, iPad and Mac? -


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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The new USB 3.2 promises more speed than ever, Will integrate iPhone, iPad and Mac?

Good news for users of technological gadgets: if you despair of the speed of data transmission of your USB 2.0 and look forward to increasingly integrate the USB 3.0 type, now from the group of USB 3.0 integrated by manufacturers of the size Apple, HP, Intel, Microsoft and others, have introduced the USB 3.2, which will leave the rest in future models .

With this update of the USB slots, it will allow a higher speed of data transmission for the devices that integrate it thanks to the multi-channel operations , something that already allow the USB-C but now reach the standard USB.

In this way, speeds of 5Gb / s can be achieved in two channels or even 10Gb / s. To be understood, double that of USB-C cables. In addition, it will be compatible with the older USB, although logically will not reach those transfer ratios. From a real point of view, the speed will be 20% higher than the USB 3.0 .

We do not know when the integration of USB 3.2 in computers and devices will be effective , although we will have more information during the USB Developer Days 2017 that will take place this year.

The question we ask is whether the iPhone, iPad or Mac will integrate this new feature . Since although Apple is part of this development group, the reality is in Cupertino continue to bet on technologies such as Thunderbolt or Lightning, which have a large data transfer but do not have the character of universal to be able to integrate with other devices Marks other than those of the bite apple.

Therefore, although on paper our terminal has a great speed, at the moment of truth, between adapters and such, the transfer is inferior.In fact, the new and brand new iPad Pro transfers data to a computer at the traditional speed Of the USB 2.0.

Via | Macrumors

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