The Samsung Galaxy Note FE would be sold outside Korea -


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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Note FE would be sold outside Korea

The Samsung Galaxy Note FE or Fan Edition could be seen in markets other than Korean. Could we get to see this flagship 2016 in our country?

If you are one of those who were disappointed with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster and are waiting to be able to buy your reconditioned version, you may be lucky. The so-called Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition , currently available only in the Korean market, could expand its presence in other countries. Although it is not something that is confirmed, it could be the case after several information.

The number of Notes FE that would have been marketed in Korea would have been about 400,000 units. Not much is being given on the evolution of the sales of this model, and it is said that they would not be much for the work of continuing to give way in Korea. So we could be facing a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE running around our markets if all goes well.

There would be no more Note FE for Korea

Note FE has been launched in Korea since last July 7 , and since then there has been a question as to whether this reconditioned phone would go beyond that country. To begin with, we have certain data obtained from an official worker   Of the company that says "we have no plans to launch more FE phones in South Korea." The item that would have allocated to this Galaxy Note FE would have been about 400,000 units, which would work as a test to check the reception that has.

Once those 400,000 units were exhausted, Samsung would have no plans to continue distributing Notes FE in Korea
Before the question to this official of whether this Note FE would see an expansion in the international market, this one refused to answer. In addition, there is no confirmation of an alleged refusal by the Korean firm to expand its device beyond its country of origin, which would lead to two possible routes: or that Note FE would see the light in other markets, or That units not sold in Korea be distributed beyond the globe. Nor do we have confirmation of an affirmation, so we can not affirm anything. Although this would be a pretty decent possibility that we had the FAITH in our hands.

According to more anonymous information, this possibility would be studying for "later this month" that this Galaxy Note FE reach other foreign markets. Would we see a Galaxy Note FE in Europe? And the most important. Would they be limited units, or would we have a more or less complete stock? Until the company speaks, everything is in the air.

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