The second public beta of iOS 11 is now available so you can download it -


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Thursday, 13 July 2017

The second public beta of iOS 11 is now available so you can download it

During the afternoon of yesterday, Apple released the second public beta of iOS 11 , allowing all those people who are not developers to download and test their new operating system that will come out this fall.

This second public beta comes just two weeks after the first and corresponds to the third beta for developers that came out this week . If you already participated in the test program of the beta, you will have received the notification on your device, but, we echo, we will tell you how to download it and what are its news.

How to download the second public beta of iOS 11?

Important note: betas are test operating systems, so they may contain errors, so it is recommended to install them on secondary devices and make backup copies .

Subscribe to the Apple Beta Software Program

To install Apple's public beta, you must first enter your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into the program. We teach you how to do it:

1) Enter the test web of Apple betas from the terminal you want to subscribe.

2) Click on Register / Sign Up or sign in, if you are already a member.

3) Enter your Apple ID

4) Accept the terms of use, read them if that.

5) In the initial guide, scroll to the "Get started" or first steps area and press to register your device.

6) In the "Your devices" screen, scroll down and click to download profile.

7) Click on Allow.

By following these steps, you will already be subscribed to the program.

Installing the second public iOS 11 beta

After subscribing to Apple's public beta program, installing the second public beta of iOS 11 is as easy as updating your device as you often do.

On your iPhone, iPad or iPod simply go to Settings > General > Software updates and click on download and install to have your device updated with the latest beta.

Via | MacRumors

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