The strange design of the iPhone 8 may be used after all -


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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The strange design of the iPhone 8 may be used after all

Failing to know if it is real or not, we have already been able to see how one of the designs that have appeared of the iPhone 8 has imposed on the rest. Among all the possibilities that have been presented to us over the months, only one proposal has managed to convince the analysts, after being the closest to the information that have been appearing on the next telephone of the Californian company.

In it, we can appreciate how they have chosen to modify some details about the design of the previous iPhone, such as the orientation of the double camera that would now be vertical. We also see how the Apple phone adds to the trend of minimal frames , with a front where there is almost no room for anything other than the panel. The latter, in fact, has created some problems, and is that there is something that does not quite fit.

It seems that the iPhone 8 will take full advantage of the space

Those of Cupertino, in their eagerness to emphasize on the others, would have opted for a design similar to the Essential Phone created by one of the parents of Android. In this case, we would have a panel with shapes that would almost completely eliminate the frames, but that would leave the speaker, the front camera, and the sensors as if they were a deformation. This, as I said, is not something that has convinced the community yet, but may have a use after all. And it may make us change our minds.

According to what we have been taught from Forbes , the operating system would have been adapted so that the spaces left by this "deformation" could be used for the status bar . In this way, and with the pure black provided by the OLED panels, we would have the feeling that the icons are in the frame, not that they are part of the panel. If so, it may not have been such a bad decision after all, but we'll have to wait until September to see where everything is.

And you, what do you think of the new renders?

Via | 9to5Mac

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