The Touch ID is the past, the iPhone 8 will carry facial recognition -


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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Touch ID is the past, the iPhone 8 will carry facial recognition

When Ming-Chi Kuo speaks, the foundations of Cupertino tremble. And it is that yesterday the popular analyst elucubró his last speculations on the iPhone 8 that did not leave indifferent to nobody, because assured that the following flagship of Apple will not only have the greater ratio of screen that exists in the market but we forget of the Touch ID , Because Tim Cook and his team have prepared something very special: an additional security system that will allow us to unlock the terminal and make payments with our face , that is, with facial recognition technology.

If confirmed, the topic that has been tormenting us during the first half of 2017 would be loaded with a stroke, we are referring, of course, to the location of the fingerprint reader . We even made our bets: Will it be in the back, as so unreasonably has Samsung made with their Galaxy S8? On the edges like HTC? Of course, it was best to go to the screen. Or why not, get ahead of the rest and bet on facial recognition .

This will be the facial recognition of the iPhone 8

The new facial recognition system will use a 3D sensor integrated in the front camera that will be reinforced with the augmented reality that will also be incorporated. With face recognition, the iPhone will unlock in a matter of milliseconds and we can do it without having to touch it, even being on the table. It is also said to take more landmarks than the Touch ID, so it will be more secure. The speed and precision of the sensor are the key to this blow on the Apple table.

Months ago we speculated with this possibility but it has always been considered too green to adopt this 2017 on the iPhone 8 and today we still have doubts. The truth is that to judge by what implemented in the Samsung Galaxy S8 with the similar technology of the iris recognition, that we remember can be trollear with a photo of card , we were right in this regard. But Apple is another thing: thanks to the 3D depth perception of your sensor , there will be 2D photos capable of breaking it.

And that is not over, Bloomberg has echoed these statements and also has ensured that Apple is testing faster displays using Promotion , a type of technology that has refresh frequencies of 120Hz for movement and animations, something that already Is integrated in the new iPad Pro and that would be the sensation in iPhone 8.

Via | Macrumors

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