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Saturday, 22 July 2017

The whole truth about the iPhone's Touch ID 8

In just two months, Apple will launch the new line of its flagship, the iPhone . It is very rare to find any question that does not have an easy answer with rumors. This year however, we have no idea how the new iPhone will be called . Too much changed to be called 7s and too early to be the iPhone 8. We also have no idea what the OLED screen will look like, nor do we know if it will be delayed or not. We have no way of knowing its new functions, we do not know anything about its new camera nor the 3D scan of this one and we do not know at all if it will really cost 1.000 euros.

Without a doubt, the mystery surrounds this phone that will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the iPhone . But most unanswered questions revolve around the Touch ID. Will it finally be integrated into the screen ? Will it be on the back of the phone ? Will it be built into the power button ? Is the home button really disappearing ? All these rumors have been spinning for months, but we may have the answer in a couple of reliable sources.

How will Apple's new Touch ID be?

There are many designs of the future iPhone floating in the cloud right now, and the one you have above is the one everyone hates . The page confirmed in May that this was going to be the final design of this iPhone. However, everyone believes that such a design would be a big step back in the design of the phone , and that is why the rumors of this design have not really progressed. However, today this rumor is coming back afloat.

As I said before, right now we have 4 possible designs for the Touch ID on the next iPhone , all based on rumors:

  • A new Touch ID integrated in the same screen (the best possibility without doubt).
  • Let the Touch ID sensor be integrated into the back of the phone .
  • No Touch ID and Apple decide to use facial recognition .
  • A new Touch ID built into the iPhone's power button as shown in an old patent .
Virtually all the rumors we find will point to options 1 and 3 , but that does not mean that option 3 is not bizarre. We're talking about that, if it were to be that way, Apple should perfect facial recognition technology to the extreme so that it works just as well as the Touch ID. May even differentiate visually identical twins. It would also be a big step back, considering that this function was incorporated Android for many years in some devices, of course it would not be as functional as the one that Apple could do.

As for the Touch ID integrated into the screen, it would certainly be a breakthrough, a reference in the world of technology . All companies would love to be able to incorporate this into their phones before Apple. It is more than obvious that this is the next logical step for the Touch ID, so the company of Cupertino would remain at the forefront . If they did not do so, what newness would they implement on the next iPhone? The OLED infinity screen already used Samsung before Apple.

Fingerprint reader on the back and face recognition? Why not? It would be the easiest thing for Apple. You would not have to use face recognition if you did not want to and would not remove the Touch ID . But we return to the same, what is new in this? Many people do not call attention enough an iPhone just like the previous but that is all screen.

The Truth About Touch ID

The truth is that Apple will not allow the design of your terminal to spoil by putting your fingerprint reader on the back of the phone and of course, will not allow it to disappear. Keep in mind that just a year ago, the Touch ID was implemented in the Macbook Pro, why delete it now?

The strongest rumors are that this sensor will be incorporated in the same screen or that will come in the button of ignition , surely would be much more logical steps than to remove it or to put it in the back part. It would not even have to be on the whole screen, in case they decide to do so, it could be implemented only in a small area at the bottom .

But as I said, they are rumors. How do we confirm whether they are true or not? Nobody has a way of knowing how this iPhone is going to be , and if anyone can, we can not verify that it really is. We can always rely more on the rumors of who has succeeded in previous years, but this does not automatically make them true.

It is best to let time pass. If there is someone who can really teach us how the iPhone's Touch ID will be, it's Apple . No one knows better than the company of the bite apple how it will be this fingerprint sensor and it is best to let time pass, allowing them to reveal it themselves. We must trust that Apple will know what is best for the iPhone. Personally I think they will do a good job to celebrate the 10 years of this new terminal and will not disappoint anyone.

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