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Saturday, 1 July 2017

The worst blunders in iPhone history

With more than 1.2 billion devices sold in a decade, the iPhone is without a doubt a success story . However, it is not gold that glitters in these ten years of absolute dominance in the smartphone market. And is that while the iPhone synonymous with design, innovation and power, there have been years complicated and even critical in the future of the iPhone since its birth there in 2007.

Taking advantage of its tenth anniversary that took place on June 29, we want to review the fattest blunders in the history of the iPhone and how Apple came out of the situation , learning from them.

The Ancestor of the iPhone (2005)

Although Apple had been elucubrando years with the possibility of entering the telephone industry - as you can read here one of its engineers came up with the idea back in 1983 - it was not until 2005 when Steve Jobs realized that the iPod, Its most successful product to date, could have hours counted if any phone was able to play music . He was not misled by the visionary Jobs, so he reached an agreement with Motorola to create a mobile phone that incorporated the functions of the iPod.

As the design was run by Motorola, the end result was a terminal that seemed cheap, a slim camera, a rather shabby user experience and a storage capacity of songs limited to 100 pieces , although by volume had to admit more. Even Jobs was ashamed of his work. Fortunately, this experience did not go haywire, Apple learned the lesson and set to work, taking charge of a challenging and innovative product.

The lost prototype (2010)

Losing an iPhone is a tragedy, and they ask me that I lived in my flesh . But misplacing the prototype of the next iPhone that is going to present your company in 6 weeks is quite a debacle of Herculean proportions . Well that's exactly what happened to the engineer of 27 years Gray Powell with the iPhone 4. The owner of the bar found it and neither short nor lazy sold it to the web Gizmodo, which of course got a review that you laugh at our . We can not imagine the scolding that fell from Steve Jobs.

A week after the theft and subsequent publication, the publisher of Gizmodo who published the review underwent a thorough record of his apartment thanks to investigators specialized in industrial espionage sent by an organization of manufacturers among which found Apple, who recovered its terminal.

Antenagate (2010)

2010 was not a good year for Apple's. And is that when his iPhone 4 was introduced broke records sales, but it was a matter of weeks that the complaints began to flourish because of calls that never reached their receiver , something that happened when the owner of the iPhone held him with his hand Left and covered the antenna band.

Obviously, this is an intolerable design fault , and the person in charge was Jony Ive, who decided to remove his plastic antenna band for aesthetic reasons but did not foresee this clamorous failure. Jobs left his Hawaii vacation and gave a press conference toning down the mea culpa. Affected users received free sleeves and bumpers and the bug was rectified in later versions, albeit taking into account that the design is as important as the functionality tested daily continuous use.

The Scorn of the iPhone 5c (2013)

In an unprecedented strategy, Apple seemed to leave behind the sober, elegant design and business to create a new iPhone low cost - for what is Apple, of course - made in plastic and bright colors, so that a priori was going to Be the delights of young and emerging markets .

The problem? As it actually cost only $ 100 less than its flagship and its quality standards were well below those of the company , it still sold more than its rivals Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Even Cook later admitted that the result was not as expected.

Since then we have not seen another model c yet its strategy of launching somewhat cheaper terminals seems to have hit the key with the iPhone SE , which is reaping good sales in emerging countries such as India and even in the West, Where the lovers of the small devices enjoy with the power of an iPhone 6s in a terminal that at a quality and price . Of course, they have forgotten the colors and finishes pop.

BendGate (2014)

Who would have imagined that a brand-new terminal made of metal would be so malleable? Of course, in Cupertino no, because both they and the buyers of the iPhone 6 Plus, the company's first 5.5-inch device were surprised with this nasty news that became virtual on the internet, becoming a meme and Competition enjoyed rummaging in the wound.

Although Apple first assured that it was something almost anecdotic given the low number of affected terminals, he took note and in next models used Aluminum of series 7000 - harder than the one used in the iPhone 7 Plus - and reinforced its structure with points of titanium and steel Stainless steel .

Via | Wired

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