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Monday, 17 July 2017

There are 4 types of Facebook users, which one are you?

Facebook is the social network most used by all and yet, not all do so for the same. Some employ it to kill boredom, playing games provided by the Zuckerberg app, others to keep in touch with their loved ones, others to gossip, others for posturing, others to troll ...

And is that the use of social networks says a lot about us . So much so that someone has bothered to do a study that has just been published in the International Journal of Virtual Communities and Social Networking to try to analyze the patterns of behavior of its users. His conclusion is clear: there are only 4 types of profiles on Facebook, so ... Which one are you?

The relationship builder

This person uses Facebook to strengthen the human relationships he maintains with friends and family, in fact uses this network as an extension of his offline life. In short, you use Facebook to show your affection to family and friends and vice versa.

In fact, this profile does not consider Facebook as something virtual , but simply as a meeting with its environment to exchange their experiences, so that information flows freely. These types of people tend to post long posts and publish frequently, regularly comment on the content of the rest, and are likely to have long conversations.

The onlookers

Driven by a sense of social obligation, these users assume Facebook as a part of modern life that they simply can not refuse , but in which they rarely share personal information, upload photos or update their status. Also, neither interact nor comment.

In real life they would be the equivalent of onlookers , as they use Facebook to gossip and get information or simply to be connected, but prefer to live outside this social network.

The professionals

This profile is adapted by journalists, activists, event organizers ... people who see Facebook as a tool to promote their work or their image. Unlike the first type, these people do not see Facebook as their real life, but simply share information to foster their brand image, so they maintain distant and well-cared connections.

They rarely talk about family or personal issues on Facebook , so if you want to have a personal conversation with this profile, you better call them or send them a private message.


The final group is the one that corresponds with the pure postureo , those that foment the narcissistic myth of the Millennial.Este profile uses Facebook to post photos, videos, states but fundamentally they do it to draw attention to themselves. Something that is encouraged when comments and interactions are received. The more reactions, the more satisfied they feel.

And it is that taking a photo and staying on the reel is not worth anything, what gives value is to see the world and to know that I have been doing something .

And you, what kind of user are you?

Via | Quartz

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