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Saturday, 29 July 2017

They get to jailbreak the Apple Watch

Over the years hackers have managed to hack almost all Apple devices, but as you will know many of you, the Apple Watch has always resisted.

Well, during the last Def Con, a group of hackers has announced that it has successfully developed the first jailbreak for Apple Watch , which also seems to work with both the original version and the Apple Watch Series 2.

Of course, at the moment there are no plans to release a public version, although its developers have stated that their tool has access to personal information of the device:

  • Access to Health
  • Caller ID
  • Access to Photos
  • Access to Caché
  • Calendar Access
  • Access to Contact
  • Access to Messages and Mail
  • GPS access
  • Microphone Access

Also, it should be noted that unlike the iPhone or iPad, the Apple Watch has a rather limited hardware , so any changes made to it should be as basic as possible so that the performance of the system Is not affected.

In short, if in the coming weeks a public version of the jailbreak of Apple Watch is released, chances are that for this it is necessary to have a jailbroken iPhone beforehand , as I told you, due to its limitations, it does not have too much To develop a version of Cydia exclusively for the smartwatch of the Cupertino.

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