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Thursday, 6 July 2017

This can not be the original iPhone 8 case

We continue with leaks. And it is that how well Tim Cook made complaining about them and trying to eradicate them by hiring former CIA agents , although judging from what we see almost every day, the shooting is backfiring. In fact, some rumors mislead more than they confirm, as could be the case of what we bring today, a box of the alleged iPhone 8 that of course, comes from China .

It is true that there is less time to launch in the fall, but it is still July and it would be surprising that within three months someone could already remove an iPhone 8 case , something that would mean that the company's next flagship of the bite apple did not Only is already completely designed, but also that it is in a very advanced stage of production and the logistics are already going through the packaging .

Filtration of the iPhone 8 or Photoshop work?

Coming from Weibo, this image shows what appears to be a legitimate iPhone 8 box, and we say legitimate because the dual vertical camera helps us distinguish the terminal from behind . But that the photo has such poor quality makes us think that it could also be a crappy work of photoshop. Why do we think this? For example we can see an antenna band at the top of the terminal, something that a priori the iPhone 8 would not have to be glass and if they have other models made of metal.

And speaking of glass, that casing does not give the feeling of glass either , what's more, despite the poor quality looks like aluminum. Finally, the power button is supposed to be something longer on the iPhone 8, and the image seems to be like the previous models. Obviously there is no jack connection, but that is something that is neither on the iPhone 7 nor expected in future models.

But we insist, the thing that throws us back is the timing of this leak , since even though September is just around the corner, we feel very early so that the production phase is so advanced that we can already see its packaging , Something that for example in the iPhone 7 was filtered in early September.

Also, if we spent months speculating with the delay in launching the iPhone 8 given the innovations we will see, what sense would have to be ready three months earlier?

Via | BGR

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