This is all that Netflix prepares for August -


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Friday, 28 July 2017

This is all that Netflix prepares for August

With August just around the corner, many of us venture into our favorite month for that holiday: more free time, more leisure, more relaxation, more Netflix. Because this month, our favorite television platform not only does not rest, but comes full of hits you can not miss.

And it does not even require you to be home. Simply download the app on your iPhone or iPad and enjoy the best series that exist on the beach, pool or even in the office, if you have been working. Here we go all that Netflix plans for next month:


Ojito because if Netflix has won our hearts with series like Orange is the new Black, Narcos or the unjustly canceled Sense8, his offer of films is not far behind .

- Never Say Your Name: August 1
-The Institute: August 1
-The invisible guardian: August 3
- Naked: August 11
-Argo: August 12
- What happened to Monday ?: August 18
-Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation: August 20
-Amnesia: August 21
-Death Note - Netflix Original: August 25
-The promise: August 29


This summer, it does not matter if the street is empty, because the Netflix grill is completely full . Especially notable is the return of "The Walking Dead", but there is much more:

- Surviving Escobar, aka JJ (T1): August 1
-Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later (T1): August 1
-Atypical (T1): August 11
-The Walking Dead (T6): August 14
-Million Yen Women (T1): August 15
-The Defenders (T1): August 18
-The Blacklist (T4): August 20
-The fog: August 25
-Disjointed: August 25

For the little ones:

In summer, the pools are full of those little devils who are enjoying those almost eternal vacations. What a good times! To entertain them, Netflix does not fail.

The Movie: Hoopa and The Clash of Ages: August 1
-Voltron: Legendary Defender (T3): August 4
-Patrol of puppies (T2): August 8
-Vera and the Rainbow Kingdom (T1): August 11
-Home: The Adventures of Tip and Oh (T3): August 11
-Minions: August 13
-Little Witch Academy (T2): August 15
-Glitter Force Doki Doki (T1): August 18
-The Adventures of Peabody and Sherman: August 19

Of course, if you are the ones who take advantage of the warmth for the mythical summer siesta, nothing better than to wake up and find this incredible offer of movies, series and children's content . Netflix for everyone!


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