This is as close as we have been to seeing an actual iPhone 8 -


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Friday, 28 July 2017

This is as close as we have been to seeing an actual iPhone 8

Apple tries, by all means, to avoid any leakage on the iPhone 8 . But there are so many people involved in the production, design and manufacturing of the iPhone 10th anniversary that it is virtually impossible to stop the rumors.

Not many companies are as affected by leaks as Apple, at least in the technology sector. So much so, we already know almost by the way how will be the new iPhone 8 that Apple plans to present in September.

We have seen sketches, designs, concepts , schematics, prototypes ... We know everything about the iPhone 8! Of course, it is noteworthy to mention that we have seen different models ... so there is still time for surprises.

Will this be the new Apple iPhone 8?

The iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will continue to follow the design line of the current models, with slight changes. .

The iPhone 8, as you well know by now, will feature an "Infinity" OLED screen that will cover the entire front of the terminal . Its edges could be slightly curved, and the bevels practically nonexistent. At the top the iPhone 8 could have a small frame dedicated to the iSight camera and its new 3D sensors.

On the other hand, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor would be integrated underneath the OLED screen . And the Home button would go from being physical to virtual. In fact, we do not rule out the possibility that Apple has implemented a special Touch Bar for this model, such as the Macbook Pro.

Some design concepts of the iPhone 8 are very well designed. As you can appreciate in the images that we have attached throughout this article, this concept is so realistic that it seems that we are witnessing the anticipated launch of the iPhone 8. It is so beautiful that it seems real!

Via | BGR

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