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Friday, 21 July 2017

This is the fastest way to find emojis on your iPhone

pple introduced a new system called Emoção in its native iMessage messaging application. But, unfortunately, this handy functionality for automatic smile recognition and recognition is not available in all iOS applications. You can only use it in the Messages app.

Fortunately, the apple bite company integrated an extension into the iOS 8 operating system to allow the arrival of third-party keyboards applications to the iOS App Store. And one such application, specifically Swiftkey, has recently been updated to implement automatic emojis prediction in any iOS application.

In addition, the new Swiftkey update also introduces other innovations such as improvements in the 3D Touch system, customization themes and new languages .

How emojis prediction works on the iPhone

Swiftkey has long been one of the most popular third-party keyboards among iOS users , especially among those using an iPhone. The app is able to accelerate writing thanks to recommendations, suggestions, predictions and proactive learning.

Now, with the new emojis prediction, Swiftkey will allow users to find real-time emoticons related to words being typed on the keyboard . For example, if you are typing the word "love" the Swiftkey emoji panel will display the emoticons for kisses, hearts, couples, etc.

This new update with emoji prediction comes just a couple of days after World Emoji Day .

Download Swiftkey

The only thing you need to find your emojis in a faster way and speed up your writing in iOS is this free app from the App Store. It is very easy to use!

 Teclado SwiftKey
Teclado SwiftKey

As mentioned previously, Swiftkey has also introduced up to 8 new free customization themes , which will help you to give your keyboard a style that fits your taste.

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