This is how they have unlocked the iPhone by Diana Quer -


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Thursday, 6 July 2017

This is how they have unlocked the iPhone by Diana Quer

After months of talking about the security and privacy of our terminals, espionage of intelligence services and how Apple had changed its policy of obstructing justice in return for protecting its customers, a critical iPhone has once again been unlocked: Young Diana Quer, disappeared months ago in Galicia. This is an iPhone 6 and those responsible for the hacking have been some old acquaintances , the Israelis Cellebrite who already in their time broke the cell phone of the author of the massacre of San Bernardino in December 2015.

It has been the Civil Guard, specifically its criminal service, which has contacted the company of the Middle East, for a cost of about 2,000 euros, to access all the information as a young man and try to find out more clues regarding his disappearance .

How have they unlocked the iPhone 6?

Unlike the iPhone 5c of the San Bernardino killer, so that the Israelis jumped through the PIN code, the device model of Diana Quer is an iPhone 6, much more advanced in terms of security and protection and that the company Cellebrite has required months of software development right for that generation. To date, only access to their WhatsApp messages has been achieved.

And is that the iPhone 6 of Quer was unlocked through a code 6 figures , which according to the basic laws of probability and statistics makes the task difficult and not even the Civil Guard was able to break.

It is worth remembering that the young Galician disappeared leaving only her mobile phone, which was found by chance months later in the port of Taragoña, in very poor condition and completely wet. With the information collected, will try to find the whereabouts of Diana or find out more information about their disappearance, possible suspects or location.

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