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Thursday, 20 July 2017

This is how you can find free Wi-Fi with Facebook

** Wi-Fi **, our eternal savior in difficult times (no data on the mobile). Everyone loves being able to use a Wi-Fi network instead of spending the megas of your rate . It is not for less knowing the freedom that gives us this when it comes to browsing content.

In any bar, every hour you can find several people asking for the key of the Wi-Fi , looking for a free network to be able to consult any data with the mobile. These people however do not know a detail of Facebook that can change their life forever .

Facebook and free Wi-Fi

Not long ago, the social network Facebook showed us the latest news, is a map of Wi-Fi networks within the application . This tool was only available in the United States, but it does very little that it has begun to reach the world for iPhone and Android .

We are talking about a function that can allow us to find free Wi-Fi quickly so that we can contact our family and friends without spending a single megabyte of mobile data. This function is great if we are traveling to a country where we still have to pay data roaming .

For this to work, we should just open the Facebook application on our iPhone , remember to be up to date with the latest version. Once opened, we activate the location to see nearby connections . Then we go to the settings of Facebook, click on " Search Wi-Fi " and we give " Activate Wi-Fi ", this way we will start to see a map that will show us all the places with an internet connection Free of charge.

In addition, we can click on these connections on the map to get information on these , so we can know exactly what trade is that Wi-Fi. Thanks to this tool, running out of megabytes when we are away from home will be much less painful .

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