This is how you can restore your Apple Watch with iTunes -


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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

This is how you can restore your Apple Watch with iTunes

There are times when we do something that maybe we should have thought of a couple of times before. Like for example, to test before time the last version of iOS , although this one is still in tests. We have to recognize it, many of us like to jump into the pool without knowing first whether it is full or not, and sometimes we take a good plan, such as that our device stops working suddenly , or do it but rather poorly compared With its status before the update.

With the iPhone, the process to recover it is not usually very complicated. Little more than connecting to iTunes and making a couple of clicks. But when we talk about a device like the Apple Watch, which does not even make use of a port similar to Lightning, then it changes the thing quite a lot. If any of you have dared to install the new beta of WatchOS, I guess you will know that you can not go back in the traditional way, but you have to use a somewhat complex (and expensive) method that we will explain today.

A use for the diagnostic port to which it is better not to have to resort

To begin, you will need to use a device called iBus, which you can find here . This small device allows you to connect your Apple Watch to the PC via the diagnostic port that is hidden in the space of the lower belt. Once you have the iBus, remove the cover that protects the port and connect it to your watch. Once done, place the other end into one of the USB ports of your Mac with iTunes previously installed.

Now, while it is connected, press both the side button and the digital crown, and when the Apple Watch turns off, release the side button , leaving the crown pressed. A few seconds later, our computer will detect the Apple Watch as a device in recovery mode. Then, you must choose the option to restore the Apple Watch, where you have to choose the IPSW file (Available from here ) corresponding to your model and the version you want.

With the video that we have left, you should be able to see the process in much more detail, however, it is convenient to remember that this is not a method for basic users of Apple Watch . If you do not have the necessary knowledge, avoid the use of versions for developers in your devices, and resort whenever you can to the official guarantee . Because it is not to say that the use of this method implies the automatic loss of the guarantee.

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