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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

This is the only iPhone you will not want to buy

A few months ago we told you what kind of affiliation the Chinese had to copy incessantly the Apple iPhone , and it seems that in China that something resembles the iPhone gives an image class, reliability and efficiency that is unparalleled Between the competition. However, it does not have to be an iPhone, as we can see with the Oppo, a Chinese terminal that sells more than the original.

But, we have discovered that sometimes with just the name is enough. Because after all, the OnePlus, Meizu, Vivo and others employ fairly innovative technologies and you can tell from them that without becoming an Apple, they will offer you an acceptable performance.

We are not so clear that we can say the same of this toy called iPhone that besides the name and the apple, does not share much more in common. This is the iPhone P1, and as you can see, it's a fake as big as a grand piano .

As you see, the iPhone P1 is a real wonder for those users who love the keys and the small terminals . So much so, it reminds us a lot of mobile phones 15 years ago. However, it has only 1GB of capacity, so we believe we can not ask for much more than we did more than a decade ago.

Another advantage is its battery , completely removable so you can replace it with a new one ... although probably this is the only thing that this peculiar iPhone P1 made by Apple (sic) win the original, plus the price, because we recognize: iPhone 7 And iPhone P1 play in another league.

Something is undeniable, the peculiarity of its design, and is that you have to see how pretty those buttons are in the form of an apple and that color so manzanil.

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