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Saturday, 8 July 2017

This is why AirPods will come free with the iPhone

We do not know what the design of the iPhone of the future will look like, within 5 or 10 years, the Cupertino signature smartphone may be completely different than it is now. But we do know something, Apple wants a future without cables and to get it will need to get rid of the USB Lightning port at some point.

The smartphone industry is gradually moving towards wireless charging, that's clear, and this will clearly influence the iPhone's headset . If Apple finally gets rid of the Lightning port, you must include the AirPods for free with the iPhone . Although the total price will obviously increase.

We do not know when it will happen, but the natural evolution of technology means that in the future users will be able to completely forget the cables. Enough of tangles! Can you imagine a future in which you can load all your devices at the same time by wireless charging? It would be fantastic!

For a future without cables ...

Apple AirPods , for the moment, are an optional accessory. And its cost is not precisely low. But there are precedents, Samsung offered its Galaxy S8 with its AKG headphones . So it's possible that Apple will make an effort and include the AirPods in the same iPhone package very soon.

In fact, there are already several rumors that the iPhone 10th anniversary will have AirPods included in the package . As mentioned previously, would raise the total cost of the smartphone up to 20%, considering that it is a special edition model.

But if prices go up, Apple will have to add new features and features to its AirPods so consumers are encouraged to pay for that extra cost.

It is not mere speculation, it is a fact. The cables will disappear in the future, we do not know when, but they will disappear yes or yes thanks to the advance of the technology. And we're looking forward to it.

Source | Mashable

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