This was the commercial of the first iPhone, the beginning of a new era -


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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

This was the commercial of the first iPhone, the beginning of a new era

Ten years ago, the first iPhone first appeared in US stores. At that time, the revolution would not be seen that would suppose that telephone, but soon became noticeable. Apple was not only selling a new concept of mobile phone, Apple was sharing with the world the first look at a future in which mobile phones were more than mere devices to call and send messages. A future that for us is already present for some years now.

At Apple they knew this, or at least some of their executives might have recognized it, but they needed a way to explain to the world what change was coming. And they had to do it so that everyone understood that what was coming was something completely different from what they had seen before. To do this, like every major corporation, they pulled the marketing, and designed a campaign that would certainly be marked in the memory of many Apple users.

IPhone sends greetings to everyone

With this announcement, issued on the night of the 2007 Oscars , the iPhone greeted the world, inviting it to a new era of communication. The device that Steve Jobs introduced as the perfect combination of a phone, an iPod and the network finally showed in public. And he did it, as it could not be otherwise by the event in which the ad was shown, with sequences of several films in which they made use of what until that moment we knew as a telephone.

This campaign served the company so that interest in the new Apple phone will skyrocket. And no wonder, since no one had ever seen anything like the iPhone. In Spain, we had to wait a little longer to be able to experience this revolution by ourselves , and it would not be until 2008 when, with the iPhone 3G, we would start to enjoy a completely new technological experience. But that's another story.

And you, what did you think of the first iPhone at the time?

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