This was the reason Apple's YouTube app disappeared on iOS 6 -


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Saturday, 1 July 2017

This was the reason Apple's YouTube app disappeared on iOS 6

The anniversary of the iPhone is really interesting. Many of those who were involved in the launch of the first model are sharing some of their best moments. Those little curiosities that allow us to see the beginning of a revolution like that of the iPhone. Others are also letting you see what lies behind every decision that has been made so far in the history of one of the best smartphones on the market.

Among them, you will find someone who was one of those responsible for YouTube within Google a few years ago. Hunter Walk had the opportunity to watch closely how YouTube became a giant in its stage in Google, and it has taken a little time to share with the followers of his Twitter the relationship that the company had with Apple at the time . The relationship that helped launch the service to the highest of online entertainment platforms.

Part of the success of YouTube and Apple was due to their mutual collaboration with the first iPhone

According to us, it all started when Apple approached YouTube to be able to take their service to the revolutionary platform that we know today as the iPhone . The Cupertino knew that they would not be able to sell a concept like this without a "Killer app", and at that time, YouTube was the ideal choice. It was the perfect app to show the world what a device like the iPhone is capable of. The perfect app to teach like your iPhone would allow you to enjoy all the content like never before .

Of course, this was good for both of them. Apple managed to have one of the best content platforms on its handset, and YouTube gained a front-row seat in the smartphone revolution, which is now one of the main methods of viewing the service. But over the years, things stalled. Google had managed to launch its own mobile operating system, and YouTube had been able to design a mobile experience that it could not share with iOS users, because Apple had control of the app .

That's why, with the arrival of iOS 6, the YouTube team decided to leave behind the agreement they had with Apple to make use of their APIs in their app . With beta 4 of the new version, the YouTube app created by Apple disappeared, and later, the official YouTube application arrived, which allowed us to finally enjoy a similar experience to other platforms. And it is that what was once a springboard, became that moment in a ballast .

And you, how do you think YouTube would be now if Apple had not allowed them to go free at the time?

Via | MacRumors

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