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Saturday, 29 July 2017

This will be the iPhone in 2020

Like Stanley Kubrick's "2001, A Space Odyssey," we have been able to imagine what the iPhone of 2020 will look like with all that is on us . And is that the already confirmed features that we know will lead the iPhone 8 this 2017, will be implemented another series of technologies that we know are in the experimental phase ... and many others that surely leave us with the mouth open.

So forget about it for a moment on the iPhone 8 and think what is to come, according to experts:

There will be no Lightning port

In 2020 Lightning will have 8 years of life and taking into account that in Apple the only port that has lasted longer was the 30 pin - which we find at the time on the iPod, iPad and iPhone -, everything points to something New, more comfortable and fast. Maybe a USB-C? A smart connector?

We are inclined to think about the second option, the Smart Connector. As in the iPad Pro, it would be something magnetic, with no need for slots. In addition, it would have a multifunctional character , so it would be worth to load it to incorporate some accessory.

More space

Of course, booming devices without frames and no need to implement space for connectors, our iPhone would be literally, all screen . A tremendously fine device focused on what matters: the display. To support it and thanks to the space saving, would incorporate a larger battery - with more autonomy - and better speakers.

Of course, there will be no trace of the Touch ID or Home button . Everything will be integrated into the screen and facial recognition will be an efficient, fast and reliable technology. However, it is not because the fingerprint is obsolete, but because the screen can recognize our fingerprints from anywhere.

Also, there will be no physical buttons on the sides : everything will be small notches where you indicate your location and the vibration of the tactic motor will do the rest.

Best Cameras

We are clear that the dual camera is a reality that started Apple with its iPhone 7 Plus, will continue on the iPhone 8 - although with a different provision - and probably will be a trend that will accompany us some more time.

So we are inclined to think that yes, it will integrate them. Of course, they will be better, much smaller and vertically arranged.

IOS 14

But with the iPhone it happens as with people: the important thing is in the interior. We do not know how it will be iOS 14 , but it is clear that it will incorporate more features of artificial intelligence and that Siri will be smarter than ever.

Likewise, augmented reality and virtual reality will no longer be a fantasy with which technology begins to experiment, but a technology that many apps will benefit.

What about AirPods?

We are inclined to think that Apple will integrate them for free in the box of our iPhone. Today we see them as an accessory, but without jack jack and with the price of which we are talking for the iPhone 8, what less to include them. AirPods for everyone!

Via | Mashable

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