To what extent can we trust the rumors of the iPhone 8? -


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Thursday, 13 July 2017

To what extent can we trust the rumors of the iPhone 8?

It happens to us and we sometimes recriminate ourselves: How can it be that today you say that the iPhone 8 will cost 1,200 dollars when two days ago you claimed that it would be cheaper than we thought ? And where will the Touch ID end : on the screen, in the back or say goodbye?

We know, this is a little complicated work in this sense and where I say, I say Diego. In any case, we promise you that we always echo sources with some reliability . But it will not be until the keynote when we know for sure what the iPhone will bring.

In any case, the iPhone 8 is not the first terminal of Apple that causes so much stir or will be the last . From the Birchtree website they have done a real work of Chinese: to check the veracity of the rumors with previous models and even have drawn up graphs so that we know the precision of these as September approaches.

Analysis of the rumors of 2016 on iPhone

As we filter and analyze the rumors of absolutely all blogs and media talking about the iPhone is materially impossible, Matt Birchler has focused on Macrumors, one of our most used sources for the study. In that website were collected 77 rumors related to the iPhone 7 during the nine months prior to its launch , that is, from January to September 2016. Of all of them, 41.5 were true, reaching a 54% truthfulness . It's not that bad, is it?

If we review for months we see how at the beginning of the year we find an unusually high number for an expected release in the fall. Sure, because we forgot the iPhone SE that saw the light in spring. As you see, things relax until they enter the summer, when they shoot again.

August is a hive, both in volume and reliability . And is that despite the efforts of Apple, the production phase is in full swing and the manufacturers filter that gives pleasure. However, in September the downturn is maximum: everyone awaits the official launch and there is a top secret.

Among the rumors that hit was the launch of the AirPods that made us suffer with its launch. Curiously, Mark Gurman passed it before anyone else in January 2016.

Deutsche Bank also offered a fairly accurate picture of what the iPhone 7 Plus would be: no jack connection, dual camera, 3GB RAM, some water resistance, non-physical home button ... Come on, you nailed it. Among the thickest clicks , that rumor that the iPhone 7 would carry a smart connector like the one we can find in the iPad Pro.

In short, it is worth to keep an eye on the rumors to go intuiting how the iPhone 8 is to come. Of course, calmly because about half of them will be right. Throw a coin into the air and decide. One thing is certain: less than three months after its presentation, the fish is already sold and Apple has to be in full production .

Via | BirchTree and Applesfera

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