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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Turn your iPad or iPhone into a second screen for your computer for free

On many occasions, I had the feeling that my computer screen was short. I know I could buy a second monitor, but, frankly, I do not feel like spending money on something that is very likely to only serve me on rare occasions. That is why, as soon as I have seen this offer, I have known that it was the perfect time to finally solve this problem . And I think it will also help you.

A few hours ago, a new limited offer appeared, which is great for all of us who need to improve our productivity on an occasional basis by adding a new screen. With iDisplay we can connect to our PC or Mac and emulate a monitor without having to connect the iPad or iPhone with a cable to the computer.

Use your iPad or iPhone to temporarily extend the desktop of your computer

In addition, this application allows us to take advantage of the capabilities of the touch screen of our device , something that will help us for certain applications. And if we use the wireless connection, we can use it with minimum latency (in a stable connection), although we can also improve the quality of use by connecting the device. You simply have to download both your PC or Mac and the device itself the iDisplay client.

You can also use it to share the main screen, so that it is easier to teach what you are working on. And all this, free, thanks to this offer available for a limited time in the App Store. So take advantage, because it never hurts to have at hand a little more space on the desktop of our computer so that all our programs are in sight whenever we need them.


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