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Monday, 10 July 2017

Turn your iPhone 6 into an iPhone 7 for 50 euros

If you're a follower of iPadizate, surely you read the article in which a guy went to China and made his own iPhone from pieces he had been getting at the Huaqiangbei market in Shenzhen, a magical place for geeks all over What you can find there.

And is that some things can only happen in China , where are the main factories and some people with special skills to build, imitate and fix almost anything. Also, we can not forget the special fixation that the Chinese have with the iPhone .

Well, the next step is to upgrade your old iPhone 6 to an iPhone 7, but not as Apple proposes with its particular Renove plan but in the most DIY style and do it yourself in half an hour and for about 50 euros .

And eye, because emulating the type of bricomania, this experience will also be easy, simple and for the whole family. First of all, a clarification: the change is going to be purely cosmetic and is ideal, even with the camera of the 6 inserted in the hole of the housing of the iPhone 7.

Of course with the photos we can see how they are spent in that small and dirty market in Huaqiangbei , where despite the high expectations we have, we can see that it is a rather decrepit place.

The shop in question is carried by 4 people who arrange everything from broken screens to increase capacity or viguerías like the one we show you today. In case you ever pass through Shenzhen, the store is called Bafo Technology .

The final result is optimal, our iPhone 6 dressed as an iPhone 7 works perfectly , while the Home button will remain physical for obvious reasons, but it remains functional and the Touch ID also maintains its features.

Via | Forbes

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