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Friday, 21 July 2017

Until forever, iPhone 5! IOS 10.3.3 will be the last update compatible

A little less than 5 years ago, on September 12, 2012, the iPhone 5 saw the light in the Cupertino barracks . After a few years with the same aesthetic, Apple was betting on a more elegant line of more squared shapes and metallic finishes. All an emblem that caused so much success that Apple bet on repeating in 2016 with the iPhone SE. But all is over and with the launch of iOS 10.3.3 , there will be no more updates for this mythical terminal .

But it will not be the last, the iPhone 5c and the fourth generation iPad will also say goodbye , although the plastic model of the iPhone 5 was not so popular - and rightly so - and the iPad is more widely distributed.

With the iPhone 5 opened a new world in terms of screen. And is that although now we are used to much larger terminals, Apple changed the 3.5 inches by 4 at a time when the competition went even further, creating authentic monsters that could not fit in the pocket. And judging by his success, he hit the spot .

The proof is that iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s and more recently iPhone SE - which is speculated there could be a second edition that would be presented next month - copied its design and size . In addition to that growth, the screen was much brighter, its consumption had been optimized, the camera had improved, had a faster processor and replaced the connector by the Lightning. Incidentally, the arrangement of the headphones was changed and the EarPods were introduced.

Inside, it had iOS 6, an operating system that generally passed without pain or glory by not practically innovating. Its improvements were reduced to additions like the panoramic mode of photos, the podcasts, Wallet - in its moment was called Passbook - and to be able to call via FaceTime using our data. But perhaps the most rosy were his Maps, still light years of Google Maps .

And is that if something has changed, it has been the software. If we took any user of iOS 6 and moved it to iOS 11 i would feel that everything is new. Because we do not forget, the best thing about iOS is its user experience .

The iPhone 5 was the last one with 32-bit architecture, the cause of its death when implanting the 64-bit . But in our hearts, this little big terminal will always be remembered.

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