Visionary! Steve Jobs was already using Beats before Apple bought the company -


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Monday, 17 July 2017

Visionary! Steve Jobs was already using Beats before Apple bought the company

Apple is in the habit of acquiring companies, either because it likes the software they are working on or because it fits their hardware, in any case it always does it to expand its market and know how and remain a leading technological company and reference . Following this policy, in summer of 2014 acquired Beats, a well-known signature of headphones .

At that time, the good Steve Jobs had already abandoned us, however a rare photo has just seen the light in which we see the old Apple CEO wearing ugly Beats helmets and anticipating what was going to happen . And is that Jobs was visionary even for that.

So Steve Jobs not only knew Beats before they were bought, but he was a user . This information has been revealed in HBO's documentary "The Defiant Ones," where one of Beats' co-founders tells how before releasing their first helmets, he provided prototypes to his best friends to try out and issue their verdict. One of them was precisely Jobs.

Steve Jobs was a recognized audiophile and given his high standards in terms of functionality and design, we felt a bit strange that at that time he gave them the nod without launching a "but" . When the Beats hit the market for the first time, the reviews said they sounded too loud, they were very ugly and very big. However, that did not stop them from winning, becoming one of the best-selling brands in the industry.

"The Defiant Ones" is a 4-episode documentary that chronicles the rise to glory of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine in the music and technology sector. Part of that footage tells the story of how Apple offered them $ 3 billion to get them and their subsequent celebration, from which a video was leaked in which Dr Dre can be seen drunk celebrating it, and not for less .

Via | Cult of Mac

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