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Thursday, 13 July 2017

We already know all the Nokia with Android thanks to its filtered processors

The whole range of Nokia phones with Android bare. Thanks to a leak of all its processors we can get an idea of ​​how each one will be.

Dear readers, we have a new leaking around the upcoming Nokia with Android. But it is not a habitual filtration, but rather more specific. Thanks to the latest data we know, we already know all the processors that will give life to each of the phones that will make up the Nokia offering. We also have a surprise because, although we know the processors of 3 of their phones, the others are quite varied options and some of the other comes off the tangent.

From heaven to hell: so are the processors of the new Nokia

We recently commented on the Qualcomm situation in the low range . MediaTek eats the market in the most fair price range, since the processors of the line 4XX are usually used in mid-range. We hardly see processors of the series Snapdragon 2XX , in addition to being quite cut even for their prices. Well it was the surprise: the alleged Nokia 2 would have a possible Qualcomm Snapdragon; Which could be combined with a MediaTek.

  • Nokia 2 - Snapdragon 212 / Mediatek
  • Nokia 3 - Mediatek MT6737
  • Nokia 5 - Snapdragon 430
  • Nokia 6 - Snapdragon 430
  • Nokia 7 - Snapdragon 630
  • Nokia 8 - Snapdragon 660
  • Nokia 9 - Snapdragon 835

The variety of these devices denotes that Nokia prepares a great offer for its return to the mobile market. Besides, he does not want to complicate his head with a multitude of names and figures rare for his models: a few numbers, and that's it. We already know the specifications of the imminent Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 , here is no surprise. What's interesting comes in the Nokia 7 and 8, confirming to be mid-range devices with a peculiar processor variation. The "flagship" would be the Nokia 9, with a Snapdragon 835 in its bowels.

It is necessary to clarify the obvious: this information is not official and we must be careful when considering them truthful or not. It is not clear if the Nokia 2 will run MediaTek or Qualcomm, much more likely the second option. The Qualcomm 2XX series, as we said, is scarce, so it is doubtful that a 212 will be used in this model. We will bring you all the news as we have more data of the new Nokia.

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