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Sunday, 23 July 2017

What Apple users hate about Apple

For more than a decade, since the launch of the first iPhone , Apple has been gaining the trust of consumers. In this way the company has achieved a large base of faithful followers who adore all its products.

However, as with all technology companies, Apple also receives many complaints from such users . In this article we will talk about things that most people hate Apple users.

A new thread entitled "What is your unpopular opinion of Apple?" On the Reddit website reached more than a thousand comments among users. Most of them focused on the things that most users hate about the apple bite company.

These are the things most hated by Apple users

Here are the reviews in Reddit's comments on Apple:

  • IOS widgets look very unattractive.
  • I do not like the color finish "Space Gray".
  • Apple's decision to remove grouping of notifications on iOS 10.
  • The fact that a user can not copy and paste songs from the iPhone to the computer. What if something happens to my PC and I only have songs on the iPhone?
  • For the price they cost their products, they are not very good allowing users to do many things with their devices. From limited iOS functionality, to the inability to make hardware changes to the MacBook line. It seems they only allow us to "play with some toys".
  • AirPods are overrated. The fact that you can not change the volume without Siri is a big design flaw.

These are some of the opinions and criticisms of Apple users . Now it's up to you ... What do you hate most about Apple and its products? We are waiting for you in the comments!

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