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Saturday, 1 July 2017

What is the LG Q6, what does LG offer us in this new terminal?

LG, without being one of the manufacturers that is always on everyone's lips, every year offers us terminals that almost always live up to the competition. Sometimes it makes it worse, like the case of the LG G5 and its modules, and other times it does it better as it seems to be this year with the LG G6. It is well known that manufacturers often try to stretch the pull of their annual flagship by pulling out mini cut versions of it. Well, according to Evan Blass, LG would be preparing the one known as LG Q6 that would be the mini version of the LG G6. But, what does LG offer us in this new terminal?

What the LG Q6 offers

The first thing to be clear is that we are faced with a reduced terminal in terms of benefits and that of course is oriented to lower the price and offer a quality product. Therefore, the LG Q6 will offer a good experience for a price significantly lower than that of his older brother LG G6.

Most important of all is that apparently this new terminal would only have 3GB of RAM and a single camera , which in this case would be 13 MPx, losing one of the main features that make LG G6 unique. That is, you would lose your wide-angle camera, which allows you to take pictures that no other phone can do.

The one that until now was known in the world of the smartphone as LG G6 mini, Evan Blass, the best known filterer of the Android scene, has filtered us that LG intends to be baptized as LG Q6.

Price of the LG Q6

As we see not all features of the new LG Q6 have been leaked for now. Basically we know that it reduces your RAM and the size of your screen, keeping the feature relationship unlocked in the LG G6. Another feature that has not been filtered for now is the price of LG Q6 but is expected to be significantly lower than that of its older brother LG G6.

The truth is that it seems that LG wants the nomenclature of its terminals is a kind of gibberish in which it is not very well know what terminal you are talking about whether the G6 or Q6. We'll see what all this is and how this LG G6 finally comes to market.

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