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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

WhatsApp promises to be much more profitable, should we be afraid?

WhatsApp is looking for new employees for really important jobs in the company acquired by Facebook. WhatsApp is looking for employees related to a new business model: they are looking for a product manager and a product manager for monetization .

Since its inception, WhatsApp has never been an instant messaging platform focused on providing great benefits. Even the proposal to request € 1 a year to users ended up being declined .

After Mark Zuckerberg released $ 19 billion to acquire the world's most popular instant messaging application, Facebook needed something in return. I needed WhatsApp to start generating revenue. And, finally, it seems that the change could come soon.

Here are four new ways WhatsApp could monetize , and as a user you should be afraid of these changes ...

New products

Jobs that WhatsApp is asking for indicates that the company may be planning to introduce new products or upgrade the existing product with new ideas for development, innovation and other functions.

From the recent incorporation of the states to the integration of GIFs , through the improvements of the group chats and much more. There are many exclusive premium features that WhatsApp could use to monetize your application.


Of all the new forms of business, this is one of the worst. Since WhatsApp have always been against to implement ads in their messaging application, but with Facebook in command this could change. The social network uses all kinds of hidden advertising in your system .

These are the data on the benefits provided by Facebook ads over the last few years in both the desktop version and the mobile platform:

In fact, WhatsApp already shares your data with Facebook , what stops them to bombard you with advertising related to your tastes?

Subscription template

WhatsApp could also choose to follow a subscription model as many mobile applications on the market already do. Paying € 1 a year is not a very high cost , it is affordable and would ensure great stability on the platform for a long time. I am sure that some of you would be transferred to Telegram, but the vast majority would remain in WhatsApp.


On March 17, 2016, the Financial Times was launched on WhatsApp. Users only had to enter a number and a bot offered them daily articles for reading . Any company in the world would be interested in this model of monetization. And in many cases it would be very useful!

So far, WhatsApp has always been free, perhaps one of the factors that have made the platform into the ultimate instant messaging application. Will this change soon? Get ready, monetization is coming to WhatsApp.

Via | TechPoint

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