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Friday, 28 July 2017

WhatsApp returns to be paid?

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app on the planet. Their numbers grow and grow every day, which is why it is normal to be one of the main targets of hackers and scammers. And is that among its more than 1 billion users, it is sure to fall more than one in scams and scams. If you are a user with WhatsApp sole, you will remember that at the beginning you had to pay 0.99 euros per year to use the service , a ridiculous amount compared to what cost us SMS.

This share of just one euro was eradicated by Facebook - its current owners - in 2016 but surely some nostalgic is not clear at all. Well, some scammer has decided to emulate those old days and start a scam so you can pay them back. The trick is quite simple and effective: just send an email chain urging you to pay . The message simply assures us that our subscription is about to end and you are asked to pay those 0.99 euros by providing your bank details.

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The Action Fraud Team has echoed the news in their Twitter account because it is much more dangerous than you think . If it was only one euro and only one in 100 users fell, the swindler would take a buck. But when requesting the account number to make the payment, the disgust can be much greater.

As you can imagine, not a few people have fallen and the number continues to grow. Therefore, although criminal activity has been reported in the UK, we speak out to avoid discomfort. Remember: WhatsApp is free and will continue to be .

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