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Monday, 17 July 2017

WhatsApp Updates: Finding the Flemish was never so easy!

WhatsApp has brought to light a new version already available in the App Store, version 2.17.40. With this new update, the developers of WhatsApp bring us a few new features related to emojis which will make our lives a lot easier when it comes to finding some emoticons.

To begin with, the first new feature of this version of WhatsApp is an enhancement of the emoji classification when adding them to a photo with the drawing tool . Now we can see the emojis used recently when we are going to add them to a photo. This new section of "recent emojis" of WhatsApp, stores the emoji in two rows with the most used. The number of emojis that fit for each row varies according to the size of the screen that we use .

Without a doubt, this is a very interesting function that will help many to save time . However, WhatsApp is working on a secret feature that will allow us to find any emoji in the blink of an eye.

Search emojis

Of course, nothing can save us more time than looking for the emojis ourselves with some word or symbol to describe them. This function is already implemented in this latest version of WhatsApp, however, it is disabled by default since it is a developing function.

Surely, this new feature will not be activated automatically when it is ready , as you will need an update to the App Store because it is not yet compatible with all languages . In addition, the search for emojis is already available in the WhatsApp version of Android, so you can expect that it will not take long to launch this new feature for iOS .

Finally, it should be noted that WhatsApp always test their new features in Android , this way facilitate facilitate the development of new versions of the application and bring - in theory - a version without errors to iOS. Therefore, if you want to see what features will incorporate WhatsApp in the future, you can take a look at its version of Android .

Source | Wabetainfo.com

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