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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Which app spends more data on your iPhone

Although Vodafone has just broken the market with its Vodafone Pass , which will allow you to use certain social networks and streaming music without data consumption , the reality is that running out of megabytes in the middle of the month is what worries us the most. So, whenever possible we always try to save data in the apps we use the most, such as WhatsApp .

But we have iPhone, one of the smartphones that the best user experience offers to browse and consume content, so before we realize we have devastated our tariff data . Therefore, we want to show you which application is the most mobile data consumed ... although we believe it will not surprise anyone.

Facebook is the mega-devouring app

By its use among the majority of the population, by the constant updates and notifications, multimedia content full of photos and videos with automatic reproduction, GIFs ... Mark Zuckerberg's app is the one that takes the palm . However, for tastes the colors: you may be one of those goofy Twitter addicts or be a teenager hooked to videos with expiration date of Snapchat.

But overall, Facebook is a real mega predator . And is that the Facebook app may like you more or less, but one thing is clear: it is one of the worst optimized apps in this regard. Although we have elaborated some post with tricks to reduce the consumption of data of both Facebook and Twitter if we give a review to the consumption of megas in our iPhone you will see as in most of the cases we agree.

How to view data consumption on iOS

With iOS 10, controlling which app is the most data consumed is quite simple and will allow us to take measures to optimize them. We will simply go to Settings > Mobile Data and we can either authorize the use of mobile data - or otherwise leave it with Wi-Fi only - as to see how many megabytes have been consumed since the statistics reset, which we recommend doing every time Finish your billing period.

Via | Andro4All

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