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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Why iOS 11 is so much better than Android O?

In this article we will compare iOS 11 with Android O , the last two versions of the most important and popular mobile operating systems in the smartphone and tablet industry.

We will mention some of the points for which we think iOS 11 is much better than Android O. It is clear that Android continues to implement very interesting features, but this time it seems that iOS has finally taken the lead.

Before starting it is noteworthy to mention that this is our point of view, a simple opinion. Both operating systems are very efficient , but choosing one or the other depends on the taste of each user and how he adapts to it. After all, an operating system is the element that connects each user to his terminal.


Until now, personalization was one of the categories in which Android exceeded iOS, and more. But that's over. With the arrival of iOS 11, Apple has decided to skip many of its own limitations in its software for iPhone and iPad.

Now users can customize many more elements of the iOS 11 interface, it is possible to add and change Control Center functions, add many more applications to the Dock , drag and drop items , manage files ... Of course, there is still a long way to go. travel.


Fragmentation has always been, is and will be one of the most harmful features for Android. And is that most active Android smartphones will not have the ability to upgrade to Android O , and many who do will have lag and a little fluid adaptation. While Apple will provide many more devices compatible with iOS 11.

User Experience

The user experience is, in my opinion, the most important reason why iOS will always be much better than Android. User interface design, operation, user-friendliness, the elegance of its ecosystem and other factors make iOS 11 superior . On the other hand, Android is a very confusing operating system, with a lot of slowdown and a very complex user experience. It's hard to explain, it's as if iOS is designed to make things much easier for users.

In addition, many of the features that have come to Android O, such as multi - tasking Picture-in-Picture , were already present in iOS for some time. And, well, aesthetically the design of the iOS user interface looks more visual, more attractive, cleaner. What do you think? Is iOS better than Android?

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