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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Why iOS 14 will be Apple's smartest operating system?

Obviously, logical and normal, every time the iPhone and Apple iPad will have better features: a better camera, a more powerful processor, a more durable battery ... But the software of the devices also advances, and artificial intelligence will form a Much of this technological advance .

Artificial intelligence will be one of the factors that will most influence the software of mobile devices in the future. And with the large number of technologies expected for the year 2020, we think iOS 14 will be Apple's smartest operating system .

Proactive learning, artificial intelligence and personalization will form the basis of future versions of iOS for iPhone and iPad. But why iOS 14 will be Apple's smartest operating system?

The most intelligent Siri assistant in history

Siri will be one of the big players in iOS 14. Apple's virtual voice assistant will be smarter and more powerful than ever. With iOS 11 Siri can be written, but Apple is expected to incorporate a custom channel to contact Siri . In addition, your system will be able to recognize text and images for future suggestions and interactions . Finally, little by little, its functions will be expanded to each and every one of the applications (Apple and App Store). In the future, the more we use Siri, the more we learn about our habits.

Everything will be customizable

We have seen how iOS 10 and iOS 11 have been introducing new functions to personalize elements of the iPhone and iPad user interface (Dock, Control Center, Messages, etc). But there is a long way to go. Artificial intelligence planned for 2020 will allow the entire internal system to change in such a way that even the simplest tasks will have new levels of customization .

With the arrival of iOS 14 your iPhone and your iPad will be able to take a much more important role in determining which applications and which functions should be activated at the most appropriate time. A fascinating future awaits us!

Source | Mashable

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