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Monday, 10 July 2017

Why Touch ID Scanner Rejection on the iPhone 8 - A Very Bad Idea

Users on the Net for a long time resented the abandonment of the standard 3.5mm, headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Now the subject almost no one discusses, because the transition to Lightning was virtually painless. Now Apple is preparing to take a very controversial step.

Rumors that the company plans to get rid of the Home buttons go long ago, but many assumed that the Touch ID fingerprint scanner integrated in the screen New smartphone. According to analyst KGI Securities ming Chi-kuo, Apple is not going to move дактилоскопический the module or the incorporation of the screen - its, simply.

Obviously it will become one of the most important changes in the iPhone history of a smartphone. Touch ID, made a great contribution to the development of a security system of his smartphone, and today, even the cheapest "Chinese" is the fingerprint scanner. Apple has probably decided to abandon the sensor in favor of new facial recognition technology, but to be equally quick and safe, is not an easy task. If the feature is not going to work to perfection, no internet marketing will not save Apple by failure.

Forward movement

No one expects the Touch ID to be present on the iPhone forever. Apple's smartphones evolve, and it stands to reason that instead of a fingerprint scanner will come another and revolutionary technology.

But if you are willing to iPhone such changes now? Apple has devoted many efforts to make the sensor work perfectly on smartphones, and last year even got ahead on the MacBook. The decision to give up Touch ID seems very debatable. The absence of the usual button can become a problem for many users of iPhone 8, while the new biometric system complicate the situation, especially if it will not be so easy and safe.

Android-smartphones offer a variety of authentication methods, but all of them, as a rule, equipped and fingerprint scanner. For example, in the Galaxy S8 the sensor is very correctly, so many people enjoy an iris scanner to unlock. But the fingerprint scanner is still used for purchases on Google Play, authorization in payment applications with the help of Samsung Pay, or in cases where the new technology simply does not work. Do not completely abandon the fingerprint scanner - much worse than approaching it to the camera.

Accuracy is very important

When Apple introduced the Touch ID on the iPhone 5s, the sensor already was then almost infallible, but three years later, it became practically perfect.

Even if the new facial recognition system will work in 9 of 10 cases, it will still be less accurate than the Touch ID. The iris scanner on the Galaxy S8 works quite well, but the fingerprint scanner even more accurate and enjoyable. To unlock the phone with the help of new facial recognition technologies takes an average of 2 seconds to lift the phone, touch for the device to recognize. With Touch ID is this works instantly.

It is clear that the integration of the fingerprint scanner on the screen at this stage may be technically нереализуема, but then, why not transfer to the back? Many Android smartphones is the location of the sensor, and this has to get accustomed.

Comfort and safety

We did not know how safe our smartphones, while Apple has not presented Touch ID. Today we can store any kind of confidential information on the iPhone and not be afraid of who-who will have access to it.

Therefore, Apple has the obligation to continue to store all our data in security. This refers not only to unlocking the smartphone, but also to credit card data and passwords. Even if the person's user recognition also functions exactly like a fingerprint scanner, such as being with Apple Pay? In the box we have to put the phone to a reader and throw itself face to the camera of a smartphone? What is it going to be for?

The main advantage of Touch ID is its convenience - it is not necessary, in principle, to pay attention to the screen of the smartphone. For the scanning technology of people requires more attention, and a deliberate action.


The iPhone 8 - the most anticipated smartphone of the year. It is rumored that Apple is preparing a real revolution in the field of mobile technology, which completely changes the company's mobile devices.

But, if Apple really give up Touch ID, the company will not be easy to convince users to live with it a disadvantage. In the case of 3.5mm, the company completes corresponding smartphone adapter, yes, and many of us already use wireless headsets, however, there is nothing that can fully replace Touch ID.

It's clear we're talking about Apple. It is not ruled out that the company has developed a revolutionary face recognition system, which is easy to use and can not be fooled. In this case, tim cook and Филу schiller have to prove that it is actually.

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