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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Will the iPhone 8 be another design error like the iPhone 7 network?

On March 24, the iPhone 7 Red, a special edition of the latest Apple phone and with a very special feature, was put on sale with its flashy red back . The really positive thing about this roll is that the Californian brand launched it to allocate part of the benefits to the fight against AIDS. A noble cause worthy of praise and by which those of Cupertino have managed to raise 130 million dollars, through different campaigns, throughout a decade.

However, one of the fiercest reviews came from design. Apple put a white front and there were many voices that rose by making comments. They thought that it would have been better a black front and that the white was not the most suitable for this new model and color .

If this filtration is true, we would find the same attitude that had the iPhone 7 Red in its launch, a frontal of different color and that was not to the liking of many of its followers . We know that for the moment what we are going to have are many rumors, now it is to wait for which are going to hit and which are not. Time will put things in place.

If you want to be aware of everything and not miss anything, do not hesitate to follow us and make your comments. Would you like this design for the iPhone8? We will wait for you.

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