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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Will the iPhone 8 survive all the hype generated?

We know all sorts of rumors and leaks about the Apple iPhone 8. But this fact is a double-edged sword; On the one hand generates a great expectation among the consumers , but on the other hand it could disappoint if its benefits do not live up to the rumors.

If the 10th anniversary special edition smartphone arrives with all the features that have been rumored so far, it will be the iPhone of my dreams. But ... will it happen like this? Will it survive all the hype generated so far?

For now, we do not know. But we do know what technical specifications and what hardware should be incorporated in order not to defraud consumers. And we will tell you next.

First, the iPhone 8 should come together with a wireless charging system that allows users to finally be able to charge their smartphones while listening to music with headphones.

On the other hand, the Apple iPhone 8 is expected to have an OLED screen (with a subtle curve) that covers the entire front of the device . That is, it is strictly forbidden to continue offering a physical Home button.

But the OLED screen carries a serious problem, the integration of the Touch ID. Implementing fingerprint sensor technology below the OLED screen is not an easy task . And, honestly, putting the fingerprint reader in the back is not my definition of an ideal iPhone 8. Rather the complete opposite.

For the iPhone 8 to meet all expectations, it will also offer a system of 3D sensors next to the camera FaceTime that provide the user with experiences of augmented reality quality.

And finally, the price. It has been talking long and wide about an exorbitant increase of the total cost of the iPhone of the 10th anniversary, and it would have its logic since we are before a terminal with a very expensive hardware and a very complex design process. But it is said that it could cost between € 1,200 and € 1,499.

If Apple wants the iPhone 8 to survive the hype, and also that it has a good reception among consumers ... should adjust the price to the maximum. And they are not worth excuses because it is a special edition!

Via | MacWorld

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