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Sunday, 16 July 2017

With iOS 11, the iPhone will be able to unleash one of its most wasted features

Apple has a serious problem with the technology it deploys on its devices. Their eagerness to create technology that can be used by anyone, which is simple enough that a manual is not necessary, has led them to greatly limit the possibilities of their creations. The closed garden of Apple to which we have become so accustomed, has prevented that Apple products develop at an adequate rate the possibilities of its components .

One of these technologies is the NFC. For many, this is an old acquaintance, and is that in Android already takes some time walking around some of the most famous terminals. It allows transferring information by simply bringing the receiving device closer to an emitter . This transmitter can be found in all types of products, the best known being the contactless cards, which allow transactions without the need to insert the card into the dataphone.

Paying is just one example of all that can be done with the NFC

But contactless payment is just one of the reasons that make this technology important. And Apple has taken three years to recognize this. So far, the use of the NFC chip installed on all iPhone since 6 was limited to Apple Pay. However, with the advent of iOS 11, this will completely change, and will open to all developers , resulting in lots of new and creative uses.

For example, among these uses is the identification and authentication of products. Using tags with a unique code, an app could detect fake products with relative ease. And this, is just one of the examples that have been appearing since Apple made the announcement in the last WWDC. Finally, it's time for users to see the true potential of the NFC on the iPhone .

Source | MacRumors

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