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Saturday, 22 July 2017

With iOS 11, Wi-Fi will not fail you again

As with the iPhone 8, the more we know about iOS 11, the more we like it and the more we want it to approach by September . And in addition to allowing more personalization and more fluid, the new operating system for iPad and iPhone includes a series of features that users have been waiting for a long time, such as Files or a function that will make our iPhone know if a Connection is strong enough to connect or not .

And there are few things more desperate than finding a Wi-Fi and wasting time trying to get into it without result because simply, the signal strength is not intense enough. Or that period of time since you leave home in which you do not get messages because your network is weakening in the elevator, portal, etc.

There will be no further data interruptions

Imagine it: you are in the office or at home or in a coffee shop, your iPhone enters your Wi-Fi to automatically surf and stays blocked: no emails arrive, no WhatsApp and of course, forget to look at your Facebook. It will never happen again with iOS 11 . A Twitter user explained it in his profile as follows:

Of course, you have a problem: imagine that you still want to join a network that may not have a great connection but for whatever reason, you want to access it. So far, there was no problem because your own iPhone was stuck trying to get inside. With iOS 11, you'll have to do it yourself .

Of course, it seems that Apple engineers have put the batteries with iOS 11 to file those little details that get from a great user experience to something simply fantastic: drag and drop, customizable control center, more gestures ...

We can not wait for the arrival of iOS 11 this September and we assume you either. So remember that if you want you can download the iOS 11 betas , we'll explain how to do it .

Via | Cult of Mac

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