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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

With this app you can program messages in WhatsApp without jailbreak

Formerly with SMS it was difficult for someone to respond to a message instantly, today we think ill of not doing so. In turn, instant messaging applications make a conversation feel much more like a real face-to-face talk .

But what happens when at some point we are not available and need to send some message to someone? Normally in those cases, we resign ourselves to sending a message either too soon or too late, or just do not send it . This can give a bad image of us to the person we are talking to.

Hard to believe, but there are people who have devised solutions to these situations . Do you need to congratulate someone for your birthday but you will not have the mobile phone on hand? Do you have to send an important message at a specific time? Your girlfriend wants you to say good morning every day at 8:00 AM but you want to sleep more? All that can be solved by programming messages in WhatsApp .

Schedule messages with Scheduled

The Scheduled application does exactly that. It allows us to program our WhatsApp messages easily and with the utmost simplicity . In addition, it is not limited to WhatsApp , it also allows us to program messages in: iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, Twitter, Slack, WeChat, Linkedin and Skype. All this without jailbreak!

Of course, this app is available in the AppStore , is a free application, although it has a premium mode for 0.99 €. A minimum price considering the possibilities of this.

 Scheduled — Programa tus mensajes de texto
Scheduled — Programa tus mensajes de texto

No doubt, anyone who is interested in this application will already be thinking about what it will use . And not for less, maybe right now you find no utility, but without doubt is an app that will get out of trouble many people who do not have time to write a message to someone at a specific time.

Source | Andro4all.com

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