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Monday, 17 July 2017

With this trick you can take photos even when the iPhone is full

All iPhone users have happened to us. One day, you are so happy with the best mobile phone in the market, when you are going to take a photo. Suddenly, it makes its appearance something as formidable as the Blue screen of Death of Windows or the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse: "Storage space almost full" . And it's over: no more new app installs, no updates ... and of course, we ended up taking photos of that wonderful birthday night.

When that time comes, we usually find ourselves there, at the height of the photographic moment, and it does not give us time to get down to work and start erasing absurd photos, removing apps that we do not use, clearing cache and history ... anyway, a series of Work we do to achieve storage space that takes us a while.

And is that the bad of iPhone and iPad , come with limited storage capacity - something that Apple is finally solving betting on terminals with more capacity and banishing the already obsolete 16GB model - and we can do little to solve it.

We actually pay for more storage in the cloud, or we have an adapter to transfer our photos and videos to the computer or we ignore the tricks to optimize the space available. But there's a catch so you can take photos even when there's no space in theory .

How to save photos even when iPhone storage is full

The trick is quite simple: simply use an app that lets you take photos and save it . We are worth Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram the Snapchat. We'll show you how it works with one of them, for example Snapchat.

In Snapchat, when you are going to do a "snap" there is an arrow that allows you to save the photo to the device, either a photo or a video, and it can always be done, even if your iPhone says there is no space.

The same can be done with camera access from other apps , or even in the case of WhatsApp or Telegram, access the camera, take a picture and share it in a chat. When you have it, press it and the save option will appear on the reel.

Of course, it is a good emergency solution for those critical moments. Try it, you will see how it works!

Via | Mashable

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