Xiaomi has introduced the adapter for the iPhone, which transforms the normal wireless headphones

3.5mm audio jack on the iPhone is no longer needed - so we decided on Apple. All iPhone that support the conclusion of audio through the Lightning connector, in the market there are several headphones with this feature. The models supplied with the iPhone 7, received Lightning connector instead of the usual 3.5 mm. Embargo, millions of users, who prefer third headsets with a high quality sound, it is necessary to use an external adapter Preamplifiers with the support of Lightning or use the wireless connection.

Xiaomi proposed a solution to the problem of iPhone owners 7 in view of the lack of audio output. To this end, the company has launched a small multimedia adapter for the transmission of sound from a smartphone to the normal headset, which works through Bluetooth. The device called Audio Bluetooth Receiver.

The user does not have to give up his usual headphones with 3.5mm jack audio connector Compact audio signal converter is equipped with an input for headphones.

The wireless adapter is designed as a compact white shape adapter and provides high sound quality. The device of two connectors of 3.5 mm and micro USB for the charge of the built-in battery. Battery capacity 97 mah ensures operation in the offline mode for 4-5 hours. B. can be attached with the help of a pin to the pants or pocket of the suit: simply connect the headset to the device and you can listen to music from the iPhone via Bluetooth.

Audio Bluetooth Receiver pass to all who wish to only 99 Chinese yuan, which in the translation of the Russian currency is 900 rubles. Sales of new products will begin on July 7, 2017.
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